Continuing Professional Education

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is one component of health fund provider recognition. CPE was developed to address the criteria requirements of Massage Australia members in maintaining their obligation to the health funds, in skills maintenance, development and continuous improvement of industry related knowledge.

NOTE: CPE is not a requirement for membership with Massage Australia. Maintaining CPE points is required by a select number of health funds. Please refer to the 'Health Fund List' (pdf 55kb) for further information.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Diary

The aim of the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) diary is to allow members to record their activities which will provide evidence of their undertakings and assist them in maintaining their health fund eligibility.

CPE Requirements
Each CPE activity is worth a certain number of CPE points (please refer to the CPE Diary). The requirements for CPE are 20 points per year. These points can be accrued over a three (3) year period. This means all evidence used in the diary (activities, purchases etc.) must be no older than 3 three years from the date of submitting the CPE diary. Any evidence older than 3 three years will be past the use by date.

You are not required to complete a CPE diary every year. This is only required prior to your CPE points expiring. If a CPE diary is not completed and returned to Massage Australia, prior to the expiry date, you will cease to be eligible for those health funds that require CPE.

Submitting a CPE Diary (pdf 54kb)
All evidence of CPE must be completed using the Massage Australia CPE diary. As points systems vary across organisations, members submitting CPE diaries or evidence tables from other organisations will have them returned, this is because Massage Australia must comply with health fund accreditation requirements.

NOTE: To maintain health fund provider recognition it is important to attend to your CPE, Insurance and First Aid expiry dates prior to them expiring. This will avoid your client’s health fund claims being rejected. Maintaining accurate records is important and will avoid confusion when dealing with the health funds.

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